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Wiki articles about culture
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List of countries: 

"Bulgaria",   "Bosnia and Herzegovina",  "Catalonia",  "the Czech Republic",   "Denmark",  "Austria",  "Germany", "the United Kingdom", "England", "Spain", "Estonia", "Hungary", "Croatia", "Finland",   "France",  "Italy", "Lithuania",  "Latvia",   "Belgium", "the Netherlands",   "Norway",   "Poland", "Portugal",  "Romania",   "Russia",  "Slovakia",  "Serbia",  "Sweden", "Turkey",  "Ukraine", "Ireland"

List of Wikipedia editions:

        "bg": "Bulgarian",
        "bs": "Bosnian",
        "ca": "Catalan",
        "cs": "Czech",
        "da": "Danish",
        "de": "German",
        "en": "English",
        "es": "Spanish",
        "et": "Estonian",
        "hu": "Hungarian",
        "hr": "Croatian",
        "fi": "Finnish",
        "fr": "French",
        "it": "Italian",
        "lt": "Lithuanian",
        "lv": "Latvian",
        "nl": "Dutch",
        "no": "Norwegian",
        "pl": "Polish",
        "pt": "Portuguese",
        "ro": "Romanian",
        "ru": "Russian",
        "sk": "Slovak",
        "sr": "Serbian",
        "sv": "Swedish",
        "tr": "Turkish",
        "uk": "Ukrainian"

List of cultural aspects:

literature, music, language, history, religion, sport, architecture, cinema, science and technology, folklore, people, cuisine, traditions, media, festivals, art, national symbols, clothing, fashion,  World Heritage Sites, philosophy.

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